Unsaid Things

Life is a lot of unsaid things. Life is a huge ball of fire ants holding it together. Life is a horror with a gazillion mysteries. Life is the silence at dawn before the first ray of sun. Life is the joy of a child with his own dreams. Life is the success of a … More Unsaid Things

I Wish..

I’m so tired of this monotonous life! I wish there was more to it. I get up early at dawn just to earn some bread. I wish all of us lived under one big tree and ate from it. I get tears in my eyes when I see someone in pain. I wish emotions were … More I Wish..

I’m a Believer

Before doing anything, take a look at any object close to you right now. Are you there? Perfect! Now think for a second; this particular object was processed or molded, developed or produced but at the end, made by someone. It came to that someone’s mind to create the thing you’re looking at right now. … More I’m a Believer


Hard times don’t inform when they’re about to come and cling onto you. Each and every person existing on the planet has his/her ups and downs. If it wasn’t that way, you would be living an unconventional life. You have your own moments in the past that you cherish later at some point of time. … More Trial


I’ve heard that when you make a mistake, you accept it and learn from it. You then move on to committing the next one. We’re always taught about how to be optimistic about things in life which actually helps us in not breaking down. Well, I’ve made many mistakes in my 21 years of short-and-not-so-interesting-yet … More Acceptance