Unsaid Things

2017-08-04 02.37.01

Life is a lot of unsaid things.

Life is a huge ball of fire ants holding it together.

Life is a horror with a gazillion mysteries.

Life is the silence at dawn before the first ray of sun.

Life is the joy of a child with his own dreams.

Life is the success of a farmer who upon earning his bread, sheds a tear of bliss.

Life is the screams of people whose voices were never heard.

Life is the pain that a mother goes through while introducing you to this world.

Life is the sorrow of that mother aging and becoming a memory.

Life is one building block to a skyscraper.

Life is one drop to an ocean.

Life is one sapling to a forest.

Life is the smell of the soil after a light drizzle.

Life is a heartbreak of one and the destiny of another.

Life is a regret of the guilty.

Life is a great deal of satisfactory and unsatisfactory moments.

Life is the hatred of the ignorant.

Life is a lot of unseen sceneries.

Life is the ‘seconds hand’ on the clock eventually turning into years.

Life is a lot of undiscovered depths.

Life is from the moment you’re introduced to your existence.

Life is good, life is bad; it’s what you make it.

Life is a lot of unsaid things.

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