I Wish..


I’m so tired of this monotonous life! I wish there was more to it.

I get up early at dawn just to earn some bread. I wish all of us lived under one big tree and ate from it.

I get tears in my eyes when I see someone in pain. I wish emotions were a myth.

I hate being the way I am, when somebody judges me on my appearance. I wish I didn’t know how to regret.

I see people buying lavish things. I wish I could smile at my bill too.

I see birds flying high up in the sky. I wish I had wings too.

I hear news of people dying every day. I wish wars didn’t exist.

I cry once in a while to seek a better life. I wish these tears sailed my boat to it.

I wish, I never wished.


12 thoughts on “I Wish..

  1. When life is filled with working to pay the bills, it’s difficult to find the beauty in life. But, there is beauty and it is free. There is meaning and it comes from within. I pray for you to find peace in your toils and to discover the beauty and meaning in your life.

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