I’m a Believer

Before doing anything, take a look at any object close to you right now. Are you there? Perfect! Now think for a second; this particular object was processed or molded, developed or produced but at the end, made by someone. It came to that someone’s mind to create the thing you’re looking at right now. It DIDN’T come into existence on its own. So, you probably sound shortsighted and naive when you conclude by saying, “God does not exist”.

This thought came to my mind and I’m pouring out words on it because the sad truth about today’s world is we’ve got loud mouths everywhere. We’ve got ‘mutants’ saying that this universe came to existence on its own. If you’ve studied thermodynamics which most of us have in high school since it is the basic study of energy, you should know that the first law of thermodynamics states that “The total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another, but can be neither created nor destroyed”. NEWS FLASH! :- We humans are a form of kinetic energy! This indicates that we obviously didn’t just appear out of nowhere; there must be an Almighty who created us and the whole universe, who is supreme and eternal! When we say the word universe we automatically assume a massive space in our heads. According to NASA, there are 100 billion galaxies and the number will be increased to 200 billion with better technology and that is only the number from us humans who are merely a speck in this black mass. Do you really think all of this just came to existence on its own? Yet you sit on this speck and challenge the one who created you!

Some people will still believe in all of this and say “Yes, God exists but what about the mass killing that’s taking place around the world. Where’s God to protect the innocent then?” It’s funny you don’t say the same when a lion kills its prey and relishes it in the wild. Believe it or not we’re animals too!  Don’t blame God for the consequences we humans have created for ourselves. If you see annihilation on this planet, you know exactly where to point fingers. Remember, God loves us all. Each and every one of his creation is of prominent value to him. I hope you find belief one day. I’m a believer and so are you. You just don’t know it yet.

“In the green of the woods, in the blues of the ocean, in the silver of the clouds; you’ll believe once again if not now.”

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