Hard times don’t inform when they’re about to come and cling onto you. Each and every person existing on the planet has his/her ups and downs. If it wasn’t that way, you would be living an unconventional life.

You have your own moments in the past that you cherish later at some point of time. Some may be good memories yet some, devastating. There was once a time when you were graduating after all those years of uphill battle you had in this journey and you couldn’t have been happier. That moment when your folks were watching you on the stage receiving the white sheet with a neat ribbon tied around it and how you joined all the others in throwing your academic cap in the air. Ah, what a happy moment it was! Then at some point of time in life, everything goes downhill, your job isn’t finalized, your worries are increasing, your folks are getting old, you have limited amount of dough in which you have to run a household. At this point of time, is where you sit down, open up that treasure you have in your mind and cherish those memories just to give yourself that extra little boost. All those moments are lasting somewhere deep inside your brain. I’m talking about real memories, not the ones caught on reel. You can capture moments, not emotions.ย There have been times when you cried all alone to yourself and there was no one around. There was also a time when you were at an altitude high above and everyone was with you experiencing some joy. So you have to acknowledge that there are goods and bads in life. Some of us would probably have a raised number towards the bad side but that should not restrict us from creating our own destiny. There are bad days in everyone’s life but only a few out of that everyone succeed by keeping those days as motivating factors and redefining their own lives. So what if you failed a test?ย That doesn’t stop you from qualifying next time.

You are at free will. Nobody has the right to barricade you, except yourself. Remember the bad days but don’t weep over them. Instead, turn them into a factor that drives you till your aim and beyond.

“There’s nothing bad. There’s good and not good enough.”

5 thoughts on “Trial

    1. Entire life has been written on this blog journey of life beautifully penned and described word’s r not enough to praise such mature thoughts u better write a book it Wil b hot seller in entire world keep it up god bless

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