I’ve heard that when you make a mistake, you accept it and learn from it. You then move on to committing the next one. We’re always taught about how to be optimistic about things in life which actually helps us in not breaking down.

Well, I’ve made many mistakes in my 21 years of short-and-not-so-interesting-yet life. Some mistakes that I kept repeating again and again till life hit me with a right cross in the face to say it was enough and I accepted it.

My present will make my future and my past has helped me build my present is what I know. When as a young child I saw someone spending money on an expensive thing, I thought to myself that one day I’ll grow up to be a rich man spending high bucks on the smallest yet most expensive things. But little did I know that it would be a tough terrain. As time passed and I aged, more and more responsibilities started piling up on my head like a stack of thick fat books. I still enjoyed some of this journey of growth. But lately I’ve realized that everything I do, I do it with the least enthusiasm or interest; nevertheless I manage to get the job done. Now that I look back at my past I desperately feel like rewinding back to it but that’s where reality strikes its flash upon me.

I changed three jobs in a span of one year and I still don’t like my current one. Probably, job wasn’t the right path for me. I have been thinking lately about getting into the family business which has almost dissolved. But maybe thats the highway I should look for. I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time and money trying to grasp a college degree, whereas maybe I could have done something else and that something else could have turned out to be far more valuable. I know I’m most likely not alone with this thought.

Sometimes, it takes a while to really find out what your passion is, what you really desire. Well I think I’m about to find out soon enough. It’s good to accept the delay and it’s mostly worth the wait.

Bottomline is, always remember that there lies a light at the end of every tunnel. The tunnel might be a long one. Think on the bright side; maybe the tunnel is keeping you safe from the frost outside! Find out what you really enjoy doing because that is going to make you happy, not money or anything else and if you commit a mistake, accept it and know that you’ve done nothing wrong; who knows where it might lead you!

“For it cannot be trapped in the midst of darkness” 



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