Aspire. Believe.

So, yesterday I sat down in my veranda after I watered my greenery since the weather was just splendid. It really is a blessing to see the sky darkening to a faint violet in these scorching summers. While I was sitting drained, a thought came to my mind.

What I thought about was, I’ve got everything I need, but there is still THAT one thing left to buy! After I buy that, I’d probably still have another thing added to that list of ONE. At that moment I asked myself a question; “But have I ever wondered that I’ve got a roof over my head and that I’d be safe when the storms would gush down on me, that I’d be safe when the rays of the blistering sun would strike at me like arrows? I’ve got a bed that I can sleep on. I’ve got food that nourishes me at least three times a day. I’ve got my precious ones who love me and who I can look up to or who I can share my sentiments with.” After I asked myself that question and gave it a consideration, another question collided with my mind; “What about those juveniles who’ve lost all this already?” Many people would claim they know all this and that a subject like this has become cliché. But if you’re ever having a bad day; sit down and think deeply about those folks who’ve been living just with the hope of getting bread to feed themselves or rather starve and pass it over to their infants. Think about those people who sleep just with the hope of seeing the next dawn. If you really give it a thought, their hopes are massive compared to ours. Imagine those parents who lost their children once having the hope that those children would be their pillars of strength when they grew old; but now they don’t have anyone. Think about those children who look for a mother’s lap to rest their head on, who look for a father’s hand just to hold and walk with; but now their pursuit will just be everlasting. Those eyes converse with a zillion words. These lives are in darkness but their spirit has more light than the sun. Their smiles can make you smile even if you’re having the most inferior day of your life.

Most of us have learned and educated ourselves but we still have a lot to learn from these existences who seek light at the end of the tunnel but have accepted their situation and have lit their own candles in the dark. 


“In a world of black and white we live, desiring all the colors of it.”

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