They say you won’t be able to do it. They say you might fall. They say it’s not of your caliber and that you’re not to succeed. They say you will fail! Now the question arises; who’s ‘they’?

You could say it’s just humans we’re referring to. But it’s not humans we’re talking about. ‘They’ are merely our own conscious minds that keep desisting us from things we are actually worthy and capable of. You may want to grow a plant from a long time and finally a day arrives when it’s time for you to sow your first seed in the soil. But suddenly you realize that you don’t have all the necessities required. At that point of time is where ‘they’ executes its part. You could either go to the store and get yourself the necessities or you could also skip it for another day. It’s entirely up to you, isn’t it? But our mind sometimes tells us that tomorrow’s another day. Well, tomorrow arrives and it’s time for you to go and visit the store but how sure are you that your mind won’t forsake and abandon you? So there you are sitting and devouring time once again like yesterday. At times, this repeats for weeks and even for months. In some instances we’re talking years.

But one fact most of the humans know but still ignore it, is that we do control a percentage of our brain where the mind is voluntary to our actions. Where we are masterpieces of our own, where we can build walls or break the ones built. So now if you rewind back to yesterday and not ignore that fact, you will control your own doings, you will take part in your own actions, you will succeed, you will visit the store and that plant will rise with you!


“You don’t always need a rope to trek. Sometimes you just have to find the right crevices.”

3 thoughts on “Rise!

  1. To achieve anything in life one needs to be committed. Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dreams closer.


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